18 March 2019



“Memorable weekend, beautiful location, extremely well organized, well catered, high quality conference, outstanding speakers, what more do you want?”
S. Gehler – Brussels, Belgium

“It’s going to be an experience that you would truly cherish with your heart, your soul and your mind”.
A. Brodt – Miami, FL

“It was a 100% success!”
R. Habermann – Munich, Germany

“Thanks a lot for an absolutely amazing weekend. As the previous years, I enjoyed every second of it and wished, it would have lasted longer.”
D. Lande – Zurich, Switzerland

“Simply fantastic. Difficult to believe that such an outstanding programme even exists!”
S. Cohen – Toronto, Canada

“This European Jewish Retreat on behalf of the entire network is to enable and assist Jews in Europe to open the door or at least a window for the Jewish child to know a little bit about Yiddishkeit, this is our survival, the only one”.
Chief Rabbi Israel Meir Lau – Tel Aviv, Israel

“This gives us a great opportunity to broaden our knowledge and Yiddishkeit”.
S. Cymerman – Warsaw, Poland


An exceptional experience in a wonderful environment with inspiring people”.

B. Wesly – Maastricht, The Netherlands


“We are returning as different people, our lives had been changed forever.”
M. Wichers - The Hague, Holland

“Thank you for the wonderful conference it was refreshing for body and soul!”
A participant

Thanks for taking such a lead role in making this great event a reality.
R. Laub – Brussels, Belgium

“I am still under the wonderful impressions of the unique, excellent experience of the conference and the whole weekend.”
S. Gaat – Israel/Belgium

“It demonstrates as indeed EJSN is committed to, that despite whatever challenges Jewish people face throughout Europe, we can keep moving forward and getting on with the business of building brick by brick, soul by soul for a better more meaningful, more illuminating tomorrow”.
Rabbi Yitzchok Schochet – London, UK

“Thank you very much for a very enjoyable weekend, I had a wonderful time. The speakers, location, ambiance etc. was outstanding. I hope to come again next year.”
J. Ritsma, London UK

“It was a pleasure to give the talks we did and even more interesting to meet so many different people from various European cities. As we moved from table to table we became familiar with the unique issues facing each community. We also made many new friends and hope to continue corresponding with them in future”.
Rabbi Yossy Goldman – Johannesburg, South Africa

“The whole weekend was very inspiring and pleasant.”
E. Bialoglowski, Amsterdam, Holland

“The warm welcome, the atmosphere and the lovely people have made up for the cold and rainy weather…”
E. Grant, London UK

“It was a real pleasure to spend last Shabbat with you and all the large family of “Jewish Retreat”. Thanks for the hospitality and for the unforgettable moments we shared on Shabbat and Sunday.”
Dudu Fisher

“Thanks for the hospitality and the opportunity to be a part of your initiative to set the European Jewish Retreat in Davos. I found it extremely important to continue strengthening our people in Europe and all over the Globe, mainly in Israel. It was honor and pleasure to share this venture. May you continue from strength to strength.”
General Doron Almog, Ness Tziyona, Israel

"What a wonderful opportunity to be part of a retreat with people from all over Europe! Although people came from all different backgrounds and nationalities, the sense of Jewish pride, the desire to learn and grow in their Yiddishkeit and the optimism for the future of Judaism was felt equally from all participants."
Rabbi Moshe Bryski, Agoura Hills, CA, USA

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful organization and speakers brought from all over the world!”
Szilvia Kiss – Budapest, Hungary

We really enjoyed it. We hope to become regular participants.
Tal Keinan - Israel

“I would recommend to anybody to come to these retreats, it’s a great experience”
M. Gross – London, UK

“I have never been inspired and never cried in my entire life during one Shabbat as this Shabbat”.
Dudu Fisher




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